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Galilee Nutritionals Announces Partnership with Heart to Heart to Receive Tithes

16 May, 2012

Below is the mostly full-text of a press release that we have issued. We are very excited about the partnership with Heart to Heart and being able to help them with the incredible work they do saving lives here in Israel. You can find the whole press-release here



Galilee Nutritionals Adds Heart to Heart to List of Israeli Organizations Supported by Its Tithes


Raanana, Israel – May 15, 2012: Israel-based nutritional company Galilee Nutritionals has committed to donate 10% of its profits to various Israeli organizations and US-based organizations chosen by its customers. For the next three months the tithes will be split evenly between an Israeli organization, Heart to Heart, and a Christian organization in the U.S. chosen by customers of Galilee Nutritionals. This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between Galilee Nutritionals and Heart to Heart.


Heart to Heart is a project of the American Friends of Magen David Adom, a non-profit organization that has been devoted to saving lives in Israel for over seven decades. Heart to Heart helps provide exclusive support to Israel’s national blood center to increase the amount of blood collected and protect the blood supply.


“I have been overwhelmed by the support that Christians continually demonstrate in standing with Israel,” said David Hart, CEO of Galilee Nutritionals. “I want Galilee Nutritionals to be an organization that blesses Israel and blesses others. That is why we are committed to tithing 5% of our profits to Heart to Heart for the next three months and allowing our customers to choose a Christian organization in the United States where the other 5% of the tithe will be directed.”


Galilee Nutritionals offers four specially designed products manufactured in Israel, including Super Antioxidant, a combination of polyphenols from pomegranate and resveratrol that boosts the antioxidant levels in your body; a Circulation Support supplement that helps support a healthy circulatory and cardiovascular system; Olive Oil capsules that are a cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet; and an Omega-3 supplement that helps maintain proper health and functioning of the body.


Galilee Nutritionals has partnered with international nutritional experts, ensuring that its products offer proven health benefits.  Its scientific advisory board directs its product development, ensuring that its products are both safe and effective.


About Galilee Nutritionals:

Galilee Nutritionals is an Israeli, value-based company offering superior-quality health supplements. All Galilee Nutritionals products have been formulated by experts in the nutrition field and are backed by solid scientific research. The company cherishes the land of Israel, in both its biblical and modern representations. Galilee Nutritionals honors a commitment to supporting the community through tithing; a portion of every purchase is contributed to select organizations in Israel and in the United States.

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