Galilee Nutritionals
Our team

Our team

Our team is composed of nutrition industry professionals with a passion for creating healthy products and giving back to the community.

CEO - David Hart

Galilee Nutritionals was founded in 2011 by David Hart, and experienced executive in the nutrition industry.

David Hart, CEO of Galilee NutritionalsDavid immigrated to Israel in 2000. After living on a kibbutz for a number of years and serving in the IDF, since 2004 David has held management positions in leading Israeli nutrition companies LycoRed, Frutarom and Herbamed. With his experience in all parts of the supply chain from ingredients, through manufacturing, packaging and marketing, he decided to create a company that can help people stay healthy while contributing to the community at the same time. While travelling through Israel in 2007 with a close friend, a devout Christian who was deeply moved to walk in the footsteps of Christ, David became more conscious of deep connection that both Christians and Jews share for Israel. As the years progressed, that thought did not leave him, and he became more interested in the connection that Christians and Jews share. His work in the nutrition industry exposed him to the obesity/health epidemic in the US and the importance of nutrition and dietary supplements in supporting and improving health.


Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board directs our product development, ensuring that our products are safe and effective. This team consists of Dr. Anat Solomon, a Ph.D. biochemist, Dr. Cem Aydogan, a physician/Ph.D. and Maya Albert-Hart, a Registered Dietician.   

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