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Special sale: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

15 January, 2013

It is now 2013, and we want to help you start of the year in a healthy way. So, we are having a special deal on our Super Antioxidant and Circulation Support products: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. And FREE shipping !


Super Antioxidant with Pomegranate and ResveratrolCirculation Support with Grape Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract


How does it work?

Go to either of the product pages: Super Antioxidant or Circulation Support and click on the "Buy Now" button twice. In the checkout cart, there should be the product with "2" listed as the quantity. As you go through the checkout process (with Amazon), the total will be the full price of the whole order. However, the promotion is updated automatically on the last page of the checkout process--that the total to be charged will have one of the products and the shipping subtracted from the total.

You can also "mix-and-match": choose 1 of each of the products and the same discount (1 free along with free shipping) will be applied automatically at the end of the checkout process.

The sale is also valid on mulitple products--ie buy 4 get 2 FREE.

We hope that this will help you get into a healthy 2013!


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