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The magic of resveratrol

30 January, 2012 We’ve already seen that resveratrol may be one of the factors responsible for the “French paradox,” but this unique polyphenol has many other properties, especially anti-aging support. Corralling free radicals and repairing damage to cells make resveratrol a worthwhile ally in the quest to boost health—and even mitigate signs of aging.

Winter rains bring wildflowers on the way to Jerusalem

24 January, 2012 With the winter rains here in Israel, the wildflowers are starting to bloom. We’ve put together some photos of wildflowers in bloom right now at Titora Hill, an archeological site believed to have been a “rest-stop” for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Click to learn more and to see the photos.

Healthy blood pressure basics

17 January, 2012 A frequent goal for fit living is to achieve or maintain a healthy blood pressure. Healthy blood pressure is a sign of a strong circulatory system, which means that your heart and blood vessels are well-equipped to fuel your body with both oxygen and nutrients.

But what exactly is healthy blood pressure? And what is the dividing line between healthy blood pressure and blood pressure that is too high?

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Olives in the Bible

10 January, 2012 Olives and olive trees have a long and storied history in the Mediterranean region. One of the seven species of produce associated with the land of Israel (Deut. 8:8)--like pomegranates--olive oil, in particular, was a key part of the local economy and played a large role in religious rituals. “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down” (Proverbs 21:20).

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Congratulations to recipients of Galilee Nutritionals gift packs

9 January, 2012 Congratulations to: Judy N Scott Friend, Lin Vaques, Darcy Ludeman, Ronda Davidson Caracci and Jean Berry. Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us on our Facebook page

Keep watching our Facebook page and Twitter feed—we will be giving out multiple gift-packs every week.

Share your New Year's Resolution and you may win a prize

5 January, 2012 Want to be healthier in 2012?
Share your New Year's Resolution on our Facebook page and you may win a gift-pack from Galilee Nutritionals.!/Galilee.Nutritionals

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Olive leaf and oleuropein for circulation health

2 January, 2012 Olive leaves contain antioxidants and polyphenols that support heart health, including oleuropein. Oleuropein is unique to olive trees and can contribute to both a healthy circulatory system and a healthy immune system. The antioxidant effects of oleuropein support increased blood flow and improved circulation from head to toe.

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