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Olive oil as part of the miracle of Hannukah

6 December, 2012 We are getting in the holiday season in Israel—Hannukah starts this Sunday at sundown. Eventhough we usually keep a healthy lifestyle, even we will indulge in the yummy treats fried in oil that are a traditional part of the celebration of this holiday.

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Protecting the Land of Israel

1 December, 2012 Here's a little explanation on why there wasn't a blog post for the month of November. Some of our team members, and especially those that update the blog, were called for emergency military reserve duty as part of Operation Pillar of Defense. Needless to say, they were away from the office and their home for a few weeks in order to help protect Israel.

We are proud of their service and beleive that missing a few blog posts is a small sacrifice to make for the security and safety of the country and its citizens. Hopefully the cease-fire will become longer term and the missile attacks will stop.
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