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Yom Kippur in Israel is also good for the environment

25 September, 2012 Yom Kippur in Israel is unlike anywhere else. In the Jewish sections of the country, no businesses are open. Not a single store or restaurant serves the public. All transport—planes, trains, trucks, busses and cars—are off the roads, making way for pedestrians and cyclists. Whole families will walk or ride their bikes in the middle of the road—even in the middle of the largest freeway! But for just one day, Israel disconnects, slows down and breathes clean air, both physically and emotionally. Our souls are rejuvenated and ready to begin the new year in earnest

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Signs and Symbols of the New Year: Rosh HaShana in Israel 5773 - 2012

20 September, 2012 We are now between the holidays of Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).

Festive meals on Rosh Hashana are celebrated across the generations (as attested to by the long lines in Israeli grocery stores!), and many people include symbolic foods as part of their feasting.

Honey-dipped apple slices are probably the best-known Rosh Hashana food. They symbolize the promise and sweetness of a new beginning. As we refresh our blog with the promise to bring you more on our favorite topics of health, nutrition and the Land of Israel, we leave you with the traditional apples-and-honey blessing: May God renew for all of us a good and a sweet year.

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