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About us

About us

Galilee Nutritionals is a value-based company offering superior-quality health supplements. All Galilee Nutritionals products have been developed by experts, including a nutritionist, a physician and a biochemist. The ingredients in Galilee Nutritionals’ dietary supplements are safe, effective and backed by years of scientific research.

Galilee Nutritionals is an Israeli company and cherishes the land of Israel, in both its Biblical and modern representations. The products offered include extracts from plants that have deep roots in the Bible and are strongly associated with the land of Israel. They are produced in local manufacturing facilities certified by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Galilee Nutritionals also honors a strong commitment to supporting the community. Ten percent of our profits are tithed and donated to charities both in Israel and in the United States and customers elect to support the local organization of their choice.

Galilee Nutritionals products are available for purchase on the company’s website. The company is partnered with for secure credit card purchases and fast, direct shipping to United States addresses.

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