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Galilee Nutritionals actively supports community organizations in Israel as well as local congregations in the US


We tithe 10% of our profits.

Our success is not totally in our own hands and it is appropriate and proper to give back to the community. This donation is divided between organizations in Israel and congregations, organizations and ministries in the US that are selected by each customer. We have created a special technology in our website: as part of the web-store checkout process you may input the details of the organization for which you would like to earmark your contribution.

By purchasing from Galilee Nutritionals you help support your own church as well as creating a stronger and better Israel.

Organizations we support

Ethopian National Project

Showing an incredible love for Israel and Zionism, thousands of Ethiopian Jews walked hundreds of miles in order to come to Israel. The transition from a pastoral lifestyle to an urban one has placed many stresses on the community. The ENP provides special support—especially for students and young people—to Ethiopian Jewish communities in Israel.


Bayit Shel Benji

Major Benji Hillman (Israeli Defense Forces-IDF) was killed in combat during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. To honor his memory, his family is building a house for “lone soldiers” (soldiers serving in the IDF whose parents live outside of Israel) in Raanana, Israel. Bayit Shel Benji will serve as a hostel and education/vocational center for these soldiers who are selflessly protecting Israel.


Heart to Heart 

Heart to Heart LogoHeart to Heart is a grassroots project enabling Americans to fulfill the Biblical mandate to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) by sponsoring a whole unit of blood in Israel for just $100, or the components of a blood unit at lower amounts. Heart to Heart is a project of American Friends of Magen David Adom, a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to saving lives in Israel.



We are actively seeking other organizations that we can support. If you have suggestions, please contact us.


Please go to our FAQ to learn more about our tithing policy.

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