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Connection with Amazon

Connection with Amazon

How is Galilee Nutritionals connected with
We have partnered with to provide shipping, customer service and credit-card transactions. This allows us to provide the best customer-service, fastest shipping and advanced anti-fraud and encryption technology. Our products are stored in’s hi-tech warehouses in the US—which allows for fast shipping. Customer service, including missing or damaged orders and returns is also via Amazon’s customer service. In addition, we have partnered with Amazon to provide secure credit card payments.
How are my contact details and credit card information protected?
We have partnered with to collect the payment and shipping information, including your relevant personal information. is one of the leading online retailers and has the most advanced systems in place in order to protect your personal information and credit card details and reduce fraud.
Do I need to have an account?
Yes, you do. If you already have an account, it is easy to choose your payment and shipping options. If you do not have an account, you will have to sign up for one as a standard part of the checkout process. This will only take a few seconds and you can enjoy the convenience of ordering from in the future.
Why does the checkout screen suddenly change?
As part of our partnership with, the collection of your personal and credit card information is performed on their secure and encrypted computer system. You will return to the Galilee Nutritionals website after the checkout process to finish the checkout.
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