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Tithing and donations

Tithing and donations

Why does Galilee Nutritionals tithe?
We understand that our success is not necessarily only of our own making—that God has helped us along the way. As such, one of our most basic values is to give back to the community.
How much does Galilee Nutritionals donate?
We donate 10% of our profits. For the first 2 years of operation, where we might not be very profitable, we plan to donate to 5% of our sales—in order to guarantee that we are giving back to the community.
How do you choose where the tithe is donated?
The tithe is divided between organizations in Israel that are carefully chosen by Galilee Nutritionals and local (US) Christian organizations chosen by our customers. As part of the check-out process, you are asked to provide the information of the organization where you would like your tithe to be donated.
How and when are the donations performed?
We disburse payment to the organizations once a quarter (every 3 months). Each organization must have at least $20 to be disbursed. For organizations that do not meet the $20 minimum within 6 months, the amount collected in their name will distributed to the organizations supported by Galilee Nutritionals in Israel.
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