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Galilee Nutritionals combines the most advanced science with high-tech manufacturing to create products with a real health benefit.

Nature knows best

The Creator endowed the living world with a complexity and wisdom that we are just beginning to understand. Plants and animals contain many different chemical compounds—developed to help protect them from the environment and to aidtheir growth and development. Many of these compounds in plants—phytonutrients—are highly biologically active both in plants and in humans. Consuming a diverse diet that contains many different fruits and vegetables ensures that we consume enough of these phytonutrients to help keep our bodies balanced and healthy. In addition, fish, meat and dairy also contain important nutrients—especially fish with the omega-3 fatty acids that help our bodies function properly.

However, most Americans eat a diet that contains many highly-processed foods and is high in fat, cholesterol and sodium. Unfortunately, the average American diet has led to the obesity and public health epidemic in the US. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death! Most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, whole grains nor healthy meats and fish. Accordingly, they are not consuming enough healthy phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

Using diet with dietary supplements can help increase your intake of health-supporting compounds. Galilee Nutritionals has designed unique dietary supplements that help increase the consumption of health-supporting phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and omega-3s.

Proven benefits

Galilee Nutritionals’ products are at the forefront of modern science. We only use ingredients that have been heavily researched and whose safety and efficacy are well documented. Double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials are the gold-standard: neither the researchers nor the subjects know if they are receiving the treatment or only a placebo. This allows researchers to isolate the physiological effect of the compound—to show that it really does have an effect.

Scientific Advisory Board

Galilee Nutritionals has partnered with international experts in the nutrition industry to help us create the best products available.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

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